Time has finally come for me to hand over the Lost Hearts project to the next phase in post, so I’ve had to create a Edit Decision List (EDL) for the project and I decided to create a little tutorial (level basic) regarding it.

Videomaker has a great little article outlining Shot lists & EDL’s which is worth taking a look at here.

More info on exporting projects in Adobe Premiere click here.

An interesting article about the old school(tape based) EDL can be read here.

As the project came to me in Adobe premiere CS6 I’ve been quite limited with the EDL file as a lot of them are unstable with CS6 esp AAF.

Within the tutorial I also show my working practice of bins and timelines.

Also as a demonstration I use Premiere CS6 to open the EDL file as an example on how to do it as it’s pretty much the same which ever program it’s intended for…media bins, timelines etc.


More information on the narrative structure of the new edit can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video, as much as I did creating it.