Just finished a 2 week remote edit for the pressure group Extinction Rebellion to help promote their October campaign, which on the whole was successful highlighting the fact that we need to change national and global policies due to climate change and how it’s going to effect further generations. The Video Activists did a topjob in recording and documenting the events from marches to sit ins. I went down to London for one day and helped out in the video production office, which was a pleasure meeting the crew and staff. Working remotely was fine, downloading footage from server and then editing them into 30sec – 1min segements over night. I did a few promos, teasers and interviews for them, one of which can be seen below…

About the edit…

This promo was to hightlight how the UK weather has changed drastically in 40 years, esp since 2000 with a severe weather nearly every year from then. Including the flash floods of Boscastle, the flooding of Gloucestershire, Yorkshire and the tornados of Birmingham & London- to name a few.

I broke the promo into 4 segments Introduction, list of severe events, interviews and Ending. At the beginning I used clips from stock footage sites and colour graded them to match using yellow for the pollutants etc. Having sourced the music (Celtic/Pagan influence) from the audio library in YouTube, I broke it down at the begining for the horn sounding ‘Call to action’ and then used the drum to aurally punch the heading text.

Timeline of project

The source reference for the storms were a mix of wikipedia crossed checked with other websites… I remember most of the notable storms, one of which was the 2014 storm Doris, which battered Cornwall and the rest of the U.K.. As the back screen for the text I used footage (with an added blur to help viewer read text) filmed from the early days of the October campaign to justify why they are doing it.

The interviews were split into 3 acts – why, how and want. Having a mix of people – a Punk, Grandmothers and a Scotsman was to briefly show the diverse mix of XR activists. From the interviews I wanted to show more of the demostrations and the kinds of people taking part – ending with the elders walking down the street holding the banner. I chose to end the music before the end of the shot to imply that the video is over, but the cause is still marching on. Also I found a perfect audio clip of protestors shouting “Rebellion” which is used thoughout the video (during the campaign shots.)

The colour grade was a orange and teal grade as I wanted to match the shots the best I could do using different footage from different filmmakers using a plethora of cameras and lenses. I feel this helped with the overall look of the promo seperating it from the ‘day to day videos‘ being put out on social media.

It was a real pleasure working with the XR group and do feel the need that we should campaign more to bring this climate monster to bed – before its too late. You can donate to XR here.