A short video for a really talented artist, Jerome Canty. Please check out his fantastic work here.

This film was standard interview set up with mixture of b roll that included JC drawing, a local gallery exhibation of the artist, Jermone having a table at True Believers Comic Festival, intercut with After Effects clips of comics and his work. Edited in DaVinci Resolve 15 to the sound track by Pinkzebra.The video can be seen below…

Jerome kindly let me move around some furniture to create the shot as seen. I really like the green of the bonsai tree juxaposed to the deep red curtains, as they complement each other. I lite the scene with a 2k blonde as key, aputure h160 light as hairlight and used the aputure m40 in the pot stand. Set the camera temp to 3200k, so the h160 giving a blue hue to it. Heres the set up plan below…

In Davinci Resolve 15 I disected the interview shots into chapters and coloured them accordingly(as seen in the timeline pic below). I picked acouple of tracks of music which I sent to Jerome to choose either the tradtional orchestrial score by Pinkzebra or a cool kid synthwave track, JC prefered on the orchestrial score. Using the b roll of the True believers comic festival as the onging narrative thread to the video – intercut with the interview, AE clips and gallery shots. With the traditional score I kept to a minimal edit and transitions only using acouple of crossfades. One of the favourite moments is when the Ironman cosplayer nods to camera kicking in the instrumental. I split the grade into each of the different locations but keeping it a warm tone to each.

The After Effects clips were in three segments- the olders comics, which I purchased from Ebay, 2000ad segment & a recent collection of JC’s work. I wanted to concentrate on the front covers, as these had the biggest impact on JC as a kid. So I stripped the image down in photoshop creating the elements that were animated in AE. Also included a blur and particles elements to help the 3d effect.

The Second clip featuring 2000ad artists, which was key to show the quailty of the work by them. I kept them as clean as possible, excluding the blur and particles fx. For the third segment of Jerome’s work, I zoomed into the images and reintroduced the blur and particles fx. Each comic and JC’s work was sized and included a drop shadow. To keep the clips uniform I blurred and rotated the background images in&out, while keeping the same movements and opacity settings the same thoughout all of the clips.

It was a real pleasure working on this commission and JC has had more work though it aswell:-)