We went down to this years BSC expo in Battersea Park, checking out equipment from some of the world leading companies in the cinema industry, alongside meeting up with old friends and colleagues.

I’ll briefly mention afew stands and exhibtors below in no particular order…

Cooke Optics

World leading cinema glass manafactures from Leicester were exhibiting their i-technogly (digital data lens communtication) which was special, as the guy who conceptualised it 20 years ago was demostrating it in action. The i technogoly records the vital data for post production/vfx work and lets the camera department have continuous remote readout of the precise focus setting, T stop and depth-of-field as seen in the photo below…

(The read out is in the lower third of the monitor).

Tokina ATX Cinema Lenses

Will Bartleep was showcasing the Tokina cinema range, which I have been following closely over the past acouple of years (I already own the tokina IRND set which are stunning ND’s). These ATX cinema lenses are truely remarkable capturing a buetiful image, no lenses breathing from what I saw, fast at T1.5 and with a wide image circle for full frame and vista vision – to future proof your purchase(I’m just waiting for fujifilm to catch up with their chips;-) It was a real pleasure speaking with Will and sharing a beer:-)

Please click here for a demo test shot by Phil Holland.

TLS – True Lens Service

Another Leicester crew – specialising in lense mounts and rehoused lenses of many old cine primes from Cooke’s Speed Panchro to the Super Baltar(The Godfather) and Kowa Cine Prominar (Rocky). They kindly let us check out some of the lenses in action on their camera, I was surprised on how small the glass optics were on the Baltars compared with modern glass. How TLS have brought back to life the old lenses without changing the characteristics, is truely genius.

Schneider Optics

One of the stands i was eager to visit, to check out their MPTV True-Streak Filter Range(lens flare filters), Svenja demostarted the range of True-streak filters from 1mm to 4mm in serveal colours.

Please click here for a demo by Jon Carr.

They also produce a unique range of cine tilt shift lenses as seen here.

Tiffen Filters

This stand was really busy but we got chance to test a couple of filters and we arranged to go to Pinewood later this year to test out afew of their filters on some of the lenses we are thinking about using on our next project.

Here’s a link to their video of the diffusion filter range.

Photon Beard

Peter from PB was showcasing their PB80 led light, which won the videomaker 2015 best product award which uses a remote phosphor sheet that shines builtifully with a extremely high TLCI rating (measurement of coloured light spectrum) housed in a traditional redhead and can be powered by v mount battery.

Please click here for a video explaining the LED light with Peter and Alan Roberts.


Another Lighting stand that stood out was the French LED cine manafactures Exalux offering Led lights in the form of Rock panel and Stixx FX units and notable DIY solutions. New to the DIY range was a super bright led ribbon that has to be the brightest I ve ever seen. They defiently charmed us with the help of a glass of champagne!


We spent some time speaking with David Reeves – a camera,motion and support inventor – who was showcasing his high end grip support – a quick and stable release system that can be used taking the camera rig from crane to handheld in one fluid motion. Worth keeping an eye on this guy in the future as he’ll have a big impact on the scene.

In summary it was a great day meeting loads of fanstatic people and companies that do and make truley astounding products for our industry… nice to end the day at Panavisions lens bar with free drinks. Cheers!