When it comes to editing and graphic work, the above tools work nicely that gives me precision and efficiency while working. The programs I use with these include Adobe products, Davinci Resolve and Blender. I use a wireless mouse and keyboard so I can move them out of the way, as and when required (I also have a bigger keyboard with a num pad, which rarely comes out).

Logitech G13 (Click here for website)

Although it’s designed for gamers this is one of the most useful interfaces I’ve worked with. I choose the G13 over X keys due to size, on board memory profiles and mini joystick that is used as a mouse. It states that it has 75 programmable hot keys though 3 switcher buttons, but I have found that the basic hotkey set up of Save project, undo, redo etc etc for me needs to be on the same keys so I’m not switching between them, so in fact this only gives me around 55 hot keys to play with which is plenty especially with N.L.E.’s like premiere or Da vinci. Also I’ve set up my G13 switcher buttons so each works with for a function. The hand sits nicely on the interface and is a pleasure to use. The G13 also can read the CPU and Ram power percentage useful when building complex layers in A.E.

-I’ll post my G13 profiles for the various programs to download soon.

ShutlleXpress (Click here for website)

This little pendent is a gem…the small brother to the shuttle pro(more hotkeys) but just as handy with the G13 canceling the need for the extra hotkeys. If you have never used a jog shuttle before (it was on old video decks before computers took over) they are a joy to work with especially scrubbing though the timelines and getting to that prefect cut. The Shuttle Xpress has 5 programmable hot keys, with a spring loaded outer ring for continued scrubbing and a inner plate for finer frame by frame movement.

Wacom Bamboo (Click here for website)

I had a pen tablet a while back but lost it when we moved house:-( but a friend , Jay, gave me his old one as he upgraded to an Intous model. The Bamboo is a old consumer model but still very useful and I’m glad Jay did, as I forgot how useful it is esp with Photoshop and Blender. While this isn’t one of the interfaces I use regularly- it always has a place on my desk and will no doubt upgrade to a bigger model at some point.